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01 Fox Chase Horse Test Ride -snippet
02 Near Death Experience On A Nice Spring Day -snippet
03 A Lucid Dream Workshop - snippet
04 Lost Weekend In Paris - snippet
05 The Endless Search For The Exit - snippet
06 Zombie Shuffle - snippet
07 Seduction Trick Nr 9 - snippet
08 Royalty Free Funeral Music - snippet
09 Jail Release Party - snippet

Bjorn Eriksson

The Easywood Killer (Lp)

Label: Dim Din Records

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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* Edition of 100 * While working on a filmmusic job, Bjorn Eriksson started to fool around with a philharmonic orchestra plugin, and created his own crazy jazz combo. Music Iinfluenced by his heroes Django Reinhardt, Eric Dolphy, Duke Ellington, Raymond Scott, Ennio Morricone, Universe Zero and many others. This collection of compositions could be a soundtrack for a East European saga or a French strange  detective serie.  Although The Easywood KIller is a solo project, there will be a live group playing this music in the summer of 2021.  Bjorn Eriksson : programming, guitar, ARP 2600, orchestra, mix, artwork. Jeroen Stevens : additional drums & xylo-synth. Alain Rylant : mastering

Cat. number: DDR 012
Year: 2021