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Neil Welch, Rutger Zuydervelt


Label: Confront Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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"I had sent Neil an electronic ‘backing track’ to improvise on, with the idea to keep my part intact as the spine of this new piece. But once I received Neil’s recording, things turned out differently. While toying around with his saxophone improvisation, I noticed it was full of fantastic details, and wanted to emphasize these. I tried overlaying looped parts, with wonderful results. So the original idea went out the window, and I decided to solely work with Neil’s improvisation. 

I approached ‘Tides’ as a continuous stream of sound, maybe comparable to Brian Eno’s ‘Thursday Afternoon’ or ‘Neroli’, but far less soothing. The 38 minutes on this release can be seen as a chop from an infinite, miasmic flow of smelting saxophone phrases." (Machinefabrik)

Tides was constructed by Rutger Zuydervelt using looped phrases culled from a tenor saxophone improvisation by Neil Welch. 
Mastered by Marlon Wolterink.
Cat. number: ccs 54
Year: 2015

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