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Superground - excerpt 1
Superground - excerpt 2
Superground - excerpt 3
Superground - excerpt 4

Sandro Brugnolini

Superground (LP)

Label: Four Flies

Format: LP

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**500 copies, never released before on any format!** And what if the infamous Underground and Overground albums had a third psychedelic chapter, still secret and unreleased until today? This Superground LP is sonically akin to the legendary pair for which composer Sandro Brugnolini will always shine worldwide, and ideally brings the trilogy to a close. Composed and recorded in two sessions between July 1969 and November 1970, the album echoes the shocking 1969's Charles Manson massacre, with tracks dedicated to the villa at Cielo Drive, in Hollywood, where Sharon Tate e Roman Polanski lived for six months. Performed by Marc 4 members Antonello Vannucchi (organ), Maurizio Majorana (bass), Roberto Podio (drums), along with Angelo Baroncini (guitar) replacing Carlo Pes.
Cat. number: FLIES 40
Year: 2019