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Time Remaining Unknown
€ 9.90
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kunlun - Time Remaining Unknown


Time Remaining Unknown

€ 9.90

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. 014.LP | YEAR. (2019)

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Kunlun is but one of the many aliases for French artist Max P. who’s known to the world as the man behind percussion driven psychedelia projects like High Wolf and Black Zone Myth Chant.
Since 2009 he has released LP’s through Not Not Fun, Holy Mountain. Editions Gravats and Leaving Records.
On his new record for audioMER. as Kunlun he serves up an dish of eccentric library / new age music gone wrong. The LP is based around improvisations recorded in the summer of 2011 making his first steps on analog synthesis with a very simple set up. 
Some of those improvisations were also featured on a winged sun tape called Kunlun III released on 2012. 
The A side offers 5 tracks where he explores a sort of heavily layered chamber acid, diving into low frequencies and ravelly bass synthesizer pieces with weirdly dissorienting fluctuating time signatures.
Side B is one long trippy maelstrom of seismic submarine bass hypnotisms with deep eroding noise bursts blasting through halfway.
As a whole it make for a dark and claustrophobic piece of psychedelia that will delight fans of Hieroglyphic BeingBernard FievreRon Morelli or Low Jack.


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