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To An End

Label: ALTER

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

2010 release, long OP and few available "Captivating debut solo LP of drone and sound poetry from Birds Of Delay's Luke Younger aka Helm. 'To An End' is also the first release by brilliant new label Alter (which you should be keeping a very close ear on) who've just unleashed new material from Design A wave and Hieroglyphic Being - go check! Split into two long-playing sections, Luke's compositions are lava-slow and haunting sonic tapestries arranged from a mysterious mass of unknown acousmatic sources, field recordings clinically edited and arranged as ghoulish and heavy breathing concrete substance, constantly keeping the listener baffled as to their location. The first side opens with a respiring, meditative rhythm, gradually expanding to suck all manner of surreal, swelling sonics into its alien environment. The second side is bleaker but more beautiful, the residual hum of drone washing from the previous passage into more barren and minimalist scapes set adrift with a dignified and introspective sensitivity. If the first side almost reminded us of something from James Ferraro's Citrac, this one could be from the catalogues of Xela or Seasons (Pre-Din). Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M with sleeve designed by Bill Kouligas. Limited to 300 copies." Boomkat

Cat. number: ALT01
Year: 2010

Limited to 300 copies.

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