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To Eeyore - excerpt 1
To Eeyore - excerpt 2
To Eeyore - excerpt 3
To Eeyore - excerpt 4

Nika Son

To Eeyore (LP)

Label: Entr'acte

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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**Edition of 200** Nika Breithaupt aka Nika Son aka Nikae is one of the most active and sensitive artists in Hamburg. Her versatile and multi-layered work bears witness to her ability first to allow things time to develop their full impact and then to listen and look very carefully before modifying and assimilating them creatively into her own work. Nika’s most recent release is “To Eeyore”, a very special cartography of moments and feelings. - Thomas Venker

Allon (Kaye) from Entr’acte had asked me to write a few words about the album. I don’t find it at all easy to write about my own music and I prefer to leave it to other people; so I was looking for a quote to use. I had recently been watching “Sans Soleil” again, by Chris Marker. I’ve been a big fan of his for a long time. His approach to music, sound and language in his visual essays, is something very special and is a great inspiration to me. His love of cats is another thing that connects me with him. There is a short film by Marker called: “Chat écoutant la musique(Cat listening to music)” from 1988, where you see a cat sleeping on a Yamaha DX7 keyboard to the sound of a simple piano melody. Unpretentious as this film may be, I think it’s beautiful and also characteristic of Marker’s way of “documenting”.

Anyway, my album is not only dedicated to Eeyore, the depressed, misanthropical donkey, but also to Pnin, my late tomcat, and so the quote fits quite well. And now for the craziest thing: I found out afterwards that Chris Marker had called this short film “Entr’acte” because at that time it was part of a trilogy called Bestiaire. Such “coincidences” are too good to be true.  - Nika Breithaupt 

Cat. number: E249
Year: 2020

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