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Masayuki Imanishi


Label: INI.ITU

Format: LP

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ini.itu is releasing a new vinyl LP, composed by Masayuki Imanishi. Masayuki is a Japanese sound artist using paper, a microphone, a radio, field recordings, various objects and any other things which catch his interest. He has collaborated with Leif Elggren, Kouhei Matsunaga, Vampillia, The Body and many others. . This LP “Tone” was built using radio, paper, tapes, debris and other objects. It is based on an experimental approach that aims at repeating the dismantling, rebuilding, amplification and modulation of tiny sounds. It features 7 tracks of delicate and circular meanderings, installing a restrained and autumnal ambiance, where sounds suddenly seem to emerge from nothingness and soon return to it. These evanescent tones are displaying a melancholic sensibility, rooted in the Japanese concepts of wabi-sabi and mono no aware. Calm, austere and enigmatic, this record reminds us that beauty can emerge from ugliness. File next to : Trente Oiseaux, Steve Roden, Bernhard Günter, Asmus Tietchens, Rolf Julius. All clicks, pops and shuffles are intended. The LP was mastered by Taylor Deupree.


Cat. number: ini.itu ‎– 1502
Year: 2016