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Steve Roden

A big circle drawn with little hands

Label: INI.ITU

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Sound Art

Out of stock

A big circle drawn with little hands was created from a box of things sent to Steve Roden by label owner Sylvian, who runs the ini itu label. the box contained everything from newspapers, coins, wooden toys, pamphlets, plastic objects, plastic bags, broken airline headphones, notes, a bottle opener, a noise maker of wood, a small electronic toy shaped like a butterfly that offered tones and animal noises, cardboard, a fan, and other things. i also used a banjo in the first track, and my voice in the last track.

the LP was mastered by taylor deupree, and the cover design and photos were done by sylvain.

**Individually hand-numbered edition of 250 copies for the world, comes with full colour A3 poster** LA's Steve Roden has been exploring "lowercase" sounds both as In Be Tween Noise and under his own name, for a panoply of imprints including Line, 12k, Trente Oiseaux etc for the last 20 years. His latest lands on the worldly wise Ini.Itu label and utilises the kind of bric-a-brac you'd find in an old drawer at home - foreign coins, kids toys, wooden clackers - to create fragile and strangely absorbing little soundworlds. We're assuming there's a connection with Indonesia to 'A Big Circle Drawn With Little Hands', but it's not made clear by the press notes; there's just a quote in Malay on the cover and references on the insert to go from, but some of the voices and humid field recording textures would also point to that region. Over its course we're reminded of lots of artists, from the haptic rustles of Bellows or even Kevin Drumm, to the solitary melodies of the Cotton Goods lot and Francisco Lopez's electro-acoustic renders of location recordings, which basically hints at a well refined feel for density of space and nuanced texture. It's an unpredictable music which absorbs and intrigues with wistful subtlety. Really strong label and album this, highly recommended.

Cat. number: ini.itu 1202
Year: 2012


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