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File under: Performance Art

Reizen, Yasumune Morishige

Live In Hong Kong

Label: Edition Omega Point

Format: CD

Genre: Sound Art

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This live show was organized by The Empty Gallery in Hong Kong. The owner and director listened a CD Music for Piano by cello improviser Yasumune Morishige and musician Atsushi Reizen released by Omega Point, and they decided to hold a live show on retrospective exhibition of experimental filmmaker Toshio Matsumoto. On this live show, two grand pianos provided through the good offices of the owner. This is the best situation for performing without interference of each player.
This CD is made by main program "Music for Piano" only. You will listen Morishige's deep key play and Reizen's vibration drone by handy fan and others. Also they often play hardly. It may be induced by free-playable situation.

File under: Performance Art
Cat. number: OP-0015
Year: 2018

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