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Stainless steel

Label: INI.ITU

Format: Vinyl LP

In stock


A superb ode to the importance of the gamelan music for the modern sound experimentations of the Western world.  Gamelan music from the Java/Bali areas has always been considered an important source to the development of the experimental music scene, after Debussy experienced the gamelan style at the Paris Universal Exposition in 1889. Freiband, being the solo project of Frans de Waard has launched the first LP inspired by the hypnotic expressions of the gamelan music-style. Further expanding ini.itu's horizon, Freiband delivers gamelan molten through sonic acid baths and takes the magnifying glass to enhance the decays and the textural corrosion on side A...   on the flip, through arcane wirings, some machines are spitting out shifting binary patterns... + 2 locked grooves.   mastered by James Plotkin

Cat. number: #1101
Year: 2011
Genre: Electronic

LTD 250, handnumbered