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Starsailor - 1
Starsailor - 2

Tim Buckley

Starsailor (Lp)

Label: Music On Vinyl

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

In stock


180 gram audiophile vinyl. Starsailor is a culmination of Buckley's experiments and with former Mother of Invention Bunk Gardner on sax and alto flute, the story is complete. This album endures as one of the most legendary albums ever made by a singer/songwriter. Tim Buckley's most experimental album and one of his most artistically successful. Buckley's recorded output was uneven; he never quite comfortably fit into the singer-songwriter mold and tried out all sorts of musical personas during a cut-short career. As much influenced by Cathy Berberian as Bob Dylan, Buckley saw himself as a vocalist extroadinaire, an ambition which in my opinion led him to musically overreach even on his best work. On Starsailor, the stars were aligned so to speak. The material is strong in an avant-garde vein and his musicians, especially his underrated guitarist and collaborator Lee Underwood, are particularly sharp this time out. The title cut itself is an overdubbed accapella tour de force; Cathy would have been proud!

Cat. number: MOVLP773
Year: 2017

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