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Caura - excerpt 1
Caura - excerpt 2
Caura - excerpt 3
Caura - excerpt 4

Marco Serrato Gallardo, Masayuki Imanishi


Label: Tsss Tapes

Format: TAPE

Genre: Jazz

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**100 copies** Caura is a long-distance collaboration by Masayuki Imanishi (Osaka, Japan) and Marco Serrato Gallardo (Sevilla, Spain), which takes the form of two long improvised tracks made with double bass, field recordings, contact microphones and manipulated speakers. 


Masayuki Imanishi: field recordings, speaker, contact microphone
Marco Serrato Gallardo: double bass


Recorded in Sevilla and Osaka by Masayuki Imanishi and Nacho García, December 2018 / January 2019.
Mixed by Masayuki Imanishi, mastered by Francesco Covarino.

Cat. number: tst002
Year: 2019

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