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Close | Quarters - excerpt 1
Close Quarters - excerpt 2
Close Quarters - excerpt 3
Close Quarters - excerpt 4

Anton Mobin, Benedict Taylor

Close | Quarters

Label: A New Wave Of Jazz

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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**300 copies** "Close | Quarters is a seven-track slice of often compacted and angular improv for viola and prepared chamber. The two players here are Benedict Taylor and Anton Mobin. Taylor is a British improviser / avant musician who has been active in the scene since the early 2000s releasing a good body of work, as well as becoming a respected name, and Frenchman Mobin has once again been active since the early 2000’s making a name for himself as both an improviser and sound artists.The album opens with For a Old Man - here we find a blend of dragged out ‘n’ blunt bass tone and sudden scrub-to-darting string work - the whole track creates a strange mix of farting drunken-ness and flitting tautness, which both feels playful-yet-uneasy. By track number four Lay In Low the haphazard blend of bass ‘n’ swirl has become even more pronounced, as we get slurred and cracking fumblings with electro hazed edging, been pitterred against a blend of rapid neck play and violent string slices ‘n’ whistles. On track number six, Love Song,  we get a mixture of on a pin-head like creaks ‘n’ drags, with wildly careering / manic almost joyful and harmonic string play. The album finishes off with the decidedly busy Clock Rider - with it’s mixture of long stretched electro bass tones, layers of scuttling and dragging junk like play, and touches of sea sewing string play.Through-out each of this album seven pieces both Taylor and Mobin are really pushing both of their chosen sonic tools in weird and (mostly) wonderful directions. Sure at times, the compositions feel deliberately difficult – but mostly one’s attention is held by the pairs creative playing / interactions. If you enjoy your improv challenging, and at times on the cusp of noise I think you’ll find something to enjoy in Close | Quarters, just don’t expect an easy ride." - Musique Machine

Benedict Taylor : viola
Anton Mobin : prepared chamber
Recorded on 4 & 5 September 2017 and mixed in 2018 by Anton Mobin at La Ferme Ta Gueule, Olivet, France.  Mastered at the Sunny Side Inc. studio, Anderlecht (Belgium).

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