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True Mirror Microfiche

Label: D.S al Coda

Format: Vinyl LP

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Lovely Artist Record, A side: "B" (for Bartleby) is written by Alex Waterman. Recorded at The 7th Regiment Part Avenue Armory Building, New York City, 23 March, 2008, performed by Peter Evans (trumpet), Marina Rosenfeld (phonographs), Hrabba Attladottir (stroh violin), and Alex Waterman (violincello); (2) The Kitchen, New York City, 25 November 2008, solo; and (3) The ICA, London, 30 May 2009, solo. Mixed by Alex Waterman in Brooklyn.
Side B is written and performed by Dan Fox. Recorded and mixed by Alex Waterman in Brooklyn, following two previous versions posted at, March 2008; and (2) performed at Somerset House, London, 20 October 2008
"Apparently the two pieces were written in response to a letter received by Dexter Sinister, calling for press releases to be exhibited at the 7th Regiment Armory Building. On one side we have a spoken word piece by Dan Fox, who talks about 'From Brussels With Love', the legendary compilation cassette from late 1980, which has a poem recited by Richard Jobson called 'Armoury Show' and talks about this compilation in relation to art, rather than punk. Nice, since its a great compilation (get it on a CD, re-issued a couple of years ago), but hearing the American pronunciation of European names is a bit painful. Also I wonder how often you'd play this. Waterman responded with a piece of music played on trumpet, phonographs, stroh violin and violincello and is, from a musical point of view, much more interesting. A soaring piece of estranged tones, like recorded in a different time, a different place and what seems to be outdated technique. A bit Gavin Bryars like, a bit 'The Sinking Of The Titanic', complete with sounds from the space it was recorded in. Quite a nice side. Odd conceptual record and certainly a label to watch out for, standing in the tradition of the best." (FdW)

Cat. number: dsac02lp
Year: 2012
Genre: Sound Art

Red vinyl, limited edition