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Radu Malfatti, Taku Inami


Label: Erstwhile Records

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

In stock

This was the 10 PM set on 9/11/11, and makes for a perfect pair with the Rowe solo - two very different extremes. Where the Rowe set is in your face visceral, Unami and Malfatti created a gentle atmosphere within the pitch-black room (lit solely by Unami's visuals) and an overarching cumulative feeling in the listener. The too-perfect-to-be-scripted intro and outro frame a set that's almost not there, a radical recording even by ultra-minimal standards
Cat. number: ErstLive 012
Year: 2012
Recorded on 11 September 2011 at AMPLIFY 2011: stones at The Stone in NYC

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