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File under: Abstract

Angus Maclise


Label: Counter Culture Chronicles

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Sound Art

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This mysterious LP follows in the footsteps of "Invasion of the Thunderbolt Pagoda",capturing primal, fiery jams both raw in sound quality and in performance.Flowing with what seems like no beginning or end, he creates a dizzying cerebral drone that combines the hypnotic techniques of Tony Conrad with the primitive sensibility of early Amon Duul I or MEV. Maclise creates a dizzying, joyous sound that remains unparalleled, even today. And his music, while being well-documented, is only barely available commercially. Here's hoping that LaMonte Young will soon open his archives, where a largeportion of MacLise's work resides.
File under: Abstract
Cat. number: ccc1
Year: 2009
Side 1:
- 'Trance' (taken from single originally released on Fierce, 1988)
- 'The Joyous Lake' (taken from flexi disc, originally released on Aspen, 1970)
- excerpt from the soundtrack from "Invasion of the Thunderbolt Pagoda", a film by Ira Cohen (1965).

Side 2:
- 'Chumlum' Soundtrack from Chumlum, a film by Ron Rice (1964).

The cover image, "Shadow of the Poet", is adapted from the Angus MacLise book "The Subliminal Report", Starstreams Poetry Series Number 4, published by Bardo Martrix, Kathmandu, Nepal 1975.

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