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Veterans of disorder

Label: Drag City


Genre: Rock

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Back in play just to celebrate 14 years, 2 months and 12 days since its original release is Royal Trux's penultimate album, Veterans of Disorder. Coming off the fan-favorite Accelerator LP, it was clearly time to build on expectations, right? Uh... listen, maybe this isn't the band for you. Neil and Jennifer were fans of rock n roll to the finish, sure -- but in that, Royal Trux was a dyed-in-the-wool contrarian enterprise, rebels to the core, and everything they endeavored to was viewed from the several angles necessary to call a spade a dupe, etc. And so it was with counterintuitive rose-colored work-goggles strapped on tight that Veterans of Disorder was conceived. Accelerator had deployed a unified production concept, with pleasingly mashed-together sonics in a coruscated, ultra-compressed mix. Fine. That was out; new ways of hearing would be necessary this time around. VOD's songs seldom sound as if they're coming from the same session as each other, and the distorto riffrock that had caused so much intake of breath in '98 was abandoned for a generally cleaner, wider-ranging sound overall.

Cat. number: DC 168LP


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