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Volume 333

Label: Mucho Gusto

Format: CDx2

Genre: Psych

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Volume 333 is the third album by the Montreal collective L'Infonie, and it is considered by many to be their masterpiece. Released in 1972, this surprising, hard to categorize album is a mix of experimental groove, psychedelic jazz-rock and.... classical music, that will appeal to Zappa fans, but also to chamber music audiophiles. An extraordinary listening adventure and a monument of undeground Kébécois rock! Formed in Montreal in 1967, L'Infonie existed officially until 1974. Seven years of pure mayhem that gave birth to four vinyls (Volume 3, Volume 33, Volume 333and Volume 3333) as well as various multidisciplinary shows built as way-out happenings with costumes etc...Stunningly remastered two-disc re-release of their classic third album from 1972, Montreal's L'Infonie proves that they were at the forefront of musique concrete and easily above all others that have tried to harness this form of controlled chaos. With their daring and unconventional use of electronics, basses, horns and guitars, a bizarre animated religious storybook fantasy world of madness is created, one where there is no particular story, just an open-ended and humorous comedic soundscape... Volume 333 is experimental decadence at its finest.

Cat. number: TG 029CD
Year: 2007

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