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Best of 2016

Flute & Voice

Imaginations of Light + Hallo Rabbit (2Lp)

Label: Wah Wah Records

Format: LPx2

Genre: Experimental

In stock


This fine double LP release combines two full-length albums from the German acid/kraut-folk duo Flute & Voice, which was formed by Mannheim-based multi-instrumentalists Hans Reffert ('Flute') and Hans Brandeis ('Voice').


The debut-LP 'Imaginations Of Light', originally released in 1970 by the legendary Pilz label, features wonderful trippy and progressive folk music with ethnic and even jazzy elements. This LP should appeal to fans of fellow Germans s.a. Witthueser & Westrup and Bröselmaschine, or UK acts à la Incredible String Band and Dr. Strangely Strange.


Guests on the LP included Clemens Schuster (cello), Dorle Ferber and Julia Gallwitz (violins), and Guru Guru's Mani Neumeier on percussion. (Please note, Reffert joined Guru Guru during the '80s). Also included in this release is the duo's second album (first time on vinyl!) from '73, which at the time was shelved by BASF Records. The double-LP is presented in a gatefold sleeve and comes with a lavish booklet. Fans will be delighted!


Cat. number: LPS140
Year: 2016

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