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Walk Away Renée - Pretty Ballerina - excerpt 1
Walk Away Renée - Pretty Ballerina - excerpt 2
Walk Away Renée - Pretty Ballerina - excerpt 3
Walk Away Renée - Pretty Ballerina - excerpt 4
File under: PsychPsych-Pop

The Left Banke

Walk Away Renée / Pretty Ballerina (LP)

Label: Music On Vinyl

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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**2019 stock, reduced price** The baroque pop band The Left Banke formed back in 1965 in New York City. With their debut album Walk Away Renée / Pretty Ballerina they hit the charts and both title songs became hit singles in the US. They're known for their vocal harmonies, which can be heard on most of the tracks of the album. With their pioneering use of strings, harpsichord and woodwinds they created a unique baroque sound. The beautiful and emotional vibe they laid down in their music can be heard on tracks like She May Call You Up Tonight and I've Got Something on My Mind. Just for a short moment they were one of the most innovative American bands, implementing psychedelic sounds and baroque. After The Left Banke disbanded in 1969, they reunited several times and reformed in a different line-up in 2015. Now they're back on the track and performing their classic hits live.
Cat. number: MOVLP2084
Year: 2018

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