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    Label: ARBOR

    Format: Vinyl LP

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    Even though Warmth main man Steev Thompson still appears to be incommunicado, totally epic recordings continue to surface. Before Roxanne Jean Polise was officially over and Steev still lived in Chicago, he joined up with another then-Chicago resident Branden Diven of Quilts/American Grizzly Records. The jams that were created filled a couple of CD-Rs and the Warmth side of the split with Quintana Roo on Not Not Fun. This LP consists of a remixed and edited version of the original CD-R running at just under 45 minutes. Forgotten smog floats through a Northside basement. Sounds emanate but their source is totally unrecognizable. Quiet growing tonal blobs erupt into washes of aural color. A complete union of samplers, synths, vocals, guitar, organs, percussion, and electronics merge to create the sounds contained within; a loss of individual existence. Completely serene. In an edition of 300 LPs on creamy yellow marbled vinyl with hand-stamped labels in pro-printed and screened fold over sleeves with art by Roy Tatum and an insert by Steev."
    Cat. number: ARBOR 041LP
    Year: 2010