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Franco Battiato



Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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This is another one of Franco Battiato's amazing recordings from the 70's, and it features two extended pieces -- "ZA" and "Café Table Musik". "Za" is a long piece for solo piano, with lots of spare minimal moments, and haunting trancelike lines of chords that build very very slowly. It's a beautiful exercise in restraint, and the kind of haunting soundscape that Battiato is legendary for. "Café Table Musik" is a bit more complex, although it's still got minimal piano progressions as its core. The piano builds in sweet overlapping lines, and is interrupted briefly by a female voice, which sings and speaks in Italian, and there's also an occasional male voice speaking in an authoritative tone. Very hard to describe, but completely haunting, and very very beautiful.
Cat. number: 74321 585562
Year: 1998

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