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Franco Battiato



Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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"Clic" is released in 1974 and it is truly of those art-popping creations Battiato ever managed to do - there are full analogies naming it a best ever album, there are voices that appreciate its corrosive attitude under quite exhaustive portraits, everything being or not of a heads-up, since "Clic" needs to affirm a great response from the person who listens to it. All the fractured comparisons can become unremarkable, even if most of the previous solid works has lead to this entire full interesting in crouching avant-garde - for me, at least, there's a huge difference between the wonderful Sulle Corde Di Aries and "Clic"'s mainly unexpected weird charisma and flattering scales of collapsed logic and music. "Clic" stands out as pretty tough, with no influence or place in 1974's top speed but well-known prog act, but with a lot of nontrivial hard art which to dominate or be dominated, by either harder of clearer/cleaner contrasts.
Cat. number: 74321 585512
Year: 1998

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