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File under: ElectronicNew Wave

Franco Battiato

La Voce Del Padrone (40th Anniversary) LP

Label: Universal

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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* Black vinyl, 180 gr. LP with printed inner * The turning-point of Franco Battiato's career: from uncompromising experimentation and progressive electronica to catchy melodies and refrains. The transition had already begun with L'era del cinghiale bianco, but "La voce del padrone" made it complete: its seven refinate synth-pop, with a bit of Krautrock influence, anthems catapulted the album to the top of the hit parade and made it the best-selling Italian album ever. Meticulously produced, with a nice summer vibe throughout its runtime and playful lyrics and instrumentals brings La Voca Del Padrone a lot of life and sets it apart from others from the region to set alongside with other great New Wave classics.

File under: ElectronicNew Wave
Cat. number: 602438363735
Year: 2021