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Ocean - (excerpt)
White Light White Heat - (excerpt)

The Velvet Underground

The Complete Matrix Tapes (8-LP Deluxe Box Set)

Label: Universal

Format: 8LP Box

Genre: Psych

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The Velvet Underground toured extensively in 1969, but set up shop in San Francisco in November and early December for a series of 18 nights over four separate engagements, the first at the Family Dog, the rest at the fabled North Beach club the Matrix. Over the course of their residency, which began November 11th, the club’s four-track recorder was rolling through much of it capturing the highlights of two nights – November 26 and November 27, Thanksgiving.
Originally release as a LP box set, The Velvet Underground – The Complete Matrix Tapes makes its vinyl debut as a limited edition, eight-LP, 43-track box set featuring recordings that have been mixed down directly from the original in-house multi-tracks, including the 18 tracks featured on a Super Deluxe Edition of the Velvets’ third album and nine previously unreleased performances marking the first time all the available tapes will be released on vinyl.

Cat. number: 0602557095739
Year: 2020

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