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*In process of stocking. 2022 stock.* The second in a series of releases by the legendary downtown pioneer Teiji Ito presents his postmodern masterpiece Tenno, blending Japanese, African, Carribean and Western musical instruments with sound effects, voice and electronics to create the most startling long form composition in his catalog. Born in Japan in 1935, Ito moved to New York and worked closely with Maya Deren, Jerome Robbins and Julian Beck creating music for film, dance and theatre for ne…
CD | €19.90
Selected Improvisations From Golha, Pt. II (LP)
The second part in a collection of stunning Persian-tuned piano pieces, cut from Iranian national radio broadcasts made for the Golha programmes between 1956 & 1965.
LP | €27.90
In Sadness, Silence and Solitude (2LP, Gold-Bronze Opaque)
*Limited edition of 200 copies.* Mammoth stone walls stretching high into the unknown, dank cellars stewn with bones and ashes. A chill in the lonely night wind disturbed by the utterance of arcane phrases. This is music guaranteed to at least bring about thoughts of mysticism, if it doesn't produce mystical states outright. This defines the term hauntingly beautiful.In Sadness, Silence and Solitude’, first released in 1997 by Cold Meat Industry, is the fourth fullength album of Raison d'être an…
2LP, Coloured | €34.00
Within the Depths of Silence and Phormations (2LP, Opaque Silver)
*Limited edition of 200 copies.* "Within the Depths of Silence and Phormations takes the listener deep below the world of the ordinary into the catacombs of the subconscious, the worlds lying within us so few ever live to explore. This is music meant to stimulate the mind, to inspire one in their explorations of self and solitude. Layers of ethereal atmospheres and the collage of choirs, strings, bells and occasional voices slowly bleed together to create music for society whose spirituality has…
2LP, Coloured | €34.00
Enthralled By The Wind Of Loneliness (2LP, White & Red splatter)
*2022 stock. Limited edition of 200 copies.* For the first time on vinyl, re-issue the second album by Raison d'être, originally released in 1994. For this recording all sounds have been restored and re-recorded from the original source material and all tracks have been carefully remixed to maintain the true feeling and atmosphere of the original album but with current standards for high quality audio. This re-issue also contains 4 bonus tracks not featured on the original album.
2LP, Coloured | €34.00
Prospectus I (2LP, Silver & Black Splatter)
*2020 stock. Limited edition of 200 copies.* For the first time on vinyl, re-issue the first album by Raison d'être, originally released in 1993. For this recording all sounds have been restored and re-recorded from the original source material and all tracks have been carefully remixed to maintain the true feeling and atmosphere of the original album but with current standards for high quality audio. This re-issue also contains 4 bonus tracks not featured on the original album.
2LP, Coloured | €34.00
Initial Shock (CD + DVD)
*2022 stock.* Knurl sits among a very small handful of Canadian harsh noise acts to debut in the 90s and remain active to this day. Among the likes of Ryan Bloomer (Flatline Construct), Sam McKinlay (The Rita) and Pierre-Marc Tremblay (Âmes Sanglantes), Alan Bloor was the first. Coming off of playing in hardcore punk band Binge of Violence, Alan "found" noise by accident while doing performance art, but it had always been a source of interest for him: “While I was working in welding shops I used…
CD + DVD | €18.00
Stay On It (LP)
Repress due in October *2nd pressing of 500 copies* In 1973, avant-garde ensemble Creative Associates goes on a tour of Europe with Eastman’s brand new piece in their repertoire, and in short: “Stay on It” turns the coordinates of avant-garde music on its head. It is minimal, but unashamedly groovy; it is open to improvisation, grants performers all the freedom they could need, but it isn’t jazz and never slips into the non-committal. It is open to theatrical and performative elements, but also …
LP | €27.90
Reverberations: Tape & Electronic Music 1961-1970 (11CD Box, 2022 Edition)
11 CD set adapted from 12 CD edition. All tracks included. This dense 11-disc retrospective of Pauline Oliveros' early and unreleased electronic work includes her very first piece made for tape in 1961. Organized chronologically, this set not only documents Pauline's earliest electronic music but it also functions as an early history of electronic music itself. Follow as she participates in the establishment of the legendary San Francisco Tape Music Center and then moves to University Of Toronto…
11CD Box | €88.00
Out To Lunch (2LP)
Reissue, originally released on CD in 2005. Eric Dolphy's final studio album is hailed as one of the finest examples of mid-60s post-bop. Dolphy, having recorded the album in February 1964, was in Europe less than six weeks later and his all-too-brief life ended less than two months after that. It marked his last flurry of original compositions and is considered his apex. It is fascinating to consider whether he would have moved past or away from the album in 1965, had he lived. Though Dolphy sh…
2LP | €32.00
Paradise Of Replica (LP)
Reissue, originally released in 1989. After Dinner's Paradise of Replica is a concise nugget of tomfoolery that occupies a whimsical no man's land between art pop, Japanese folk music, and full-assed Art Zoydian avant proggery. Gentle, arcane and covertly sweeping, it typifies that friendly strain of experimentalism that Eastern music seems so predisposed towards and which curious minds find such great delight in. Assembled by the enigmatic chanteuse and composer known simply as Haco, After Dinn…
LP | €24.90
At Her Majesty's Pleasure
*2022 stock.* Inspiration in jazz has many sources. Who would have thought that British prisons could have inspired a Belgian-born composer, arranger, co-leader of a truly international band? The fact is that when the Clarke-Boland band came to this country at the beginning of 1969 for their memorable booking at the Ronnie Scott Club tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin was, to quote the sleeve “whisked off to Pentonville”. It was nothing worse than a question of outstanding income tax from a previo…
CD | €16.50
Summer Dawn
*2022 stock.* Here is music for your strange mood. The piano starts the first track, slow tempo beat, a strict beat, a swinging beat. Lillemor—here minor harmonies give the tune a rural, romantic feeling of some place in Spain or France. The tempo changes to medium fast—the flute solos. Light phrasing contrasts beauti¬fully to the earthy, swinging beat of the rhythm section and the repeating piano figures. The trombone adds a new color, a counterpoint of sound and phrasing, backed by the pulsati…
CD | €16.50
Portraits Polychromes n° 17 - Eliane Radigue
2022 Stock. A French-only book about Eliane Radigue with texts by Emmanuel Holterbach, Thibaut de Ruyter, Lætitia Sonami, Éliane Radigue, Charles Curtis, Tom Johnson  Eliane Radigue découvre la Musique Concrète au Studio d'Essai de la R.T.F à Paris auprès de Pierre Schaeffer et Pierre Henry en 1954, tout en côtoyant le groupe naissant des artistes du Nouveau Réalisme avec son mari, le jeune sculpteur Arman. En 1961, elle part à New-York où elle se lie d'amitié naturellement avec toute l'avant-ga…
Book 180 pag. + CDx4 | €16.00
Il Tempo Della Locusta
*2022 stock.* Reissue of the 1998 "cult" release on Malignant Records / Black Plagve.Cazzodio was the first incarnation of P/S, now recording under the Naxal Protocol monicker and a member of the Italo-Japanese unit CazzoKraft. A hidden gem in the vast tradition of Italian industrial, sold out for a decade and a half, and finally available again, "Il Tempo della Locusta" was a seminal album, a precursor of a strand of rhythmic power electronics that became more popular in the new millennium. A c…
CD | €15.00
Metrodora (LP)
180 gr. Red Vinyl. Digitally remastered at 192 khz and 24 bit. From the original master tapes * From the original master tapes, 1st time rpressed on LP. Mere words can’t describe the impact of an album where the only instrument is the voice of Demetrio Stratos (actually, there are few synthesizer inserts played by Paolo Tofani). Originally released in 1976: a unique work where Demetrio Stratos makes any kind of experiments and sounds with his voice, reaching and going over the limit of human cap…
LP | €29.90
Azimut (LP)
* 500 copies. 180 gr. Red vinyl *  First album from the one of the best Italian jazz-rock band (formed in Rome in 71), and the first of a few masterpieces in a row, all of them being distinctive from one another. Perigeo has their sound somewhere between Free Jazz, Soft Machine, Nucleus and Miles Davis' Bitches Brew period.  Rising on spacey noises, the sublime Posto Di Non Dove starts to grab you with a quiet electric piano over a Floyd-like organ and Tommaso’s superb scatting vocals. Halfway t…
LP, Red Vinyl | €27.90
Amarena (LP)
* First ever vinyl repress. Limited to 500 copies, 180 gr. Red Vinyl *  Lucio Fabbri is probably best known for his tenure as violinist with PFM in their post-Passpartù period, and with Claudio Rocchi, and also for some of the work he's done with Demetrio Stratos. As a violinist, Fabbri has an extraordinary fluid and adaptable style, centered somewhere between jazz and folk-rock. His only solo album Amarena (originally released on Cramps) from 1978 comes off as a bit of a mixed bag with differen…
LP, Red Vinyl | €26.90
Live '82 (LP)
Tip! Black Truffle announce a major archival discovery from the wildest outer fringes of the FMP universe, the Bergisch-Brandenburgisches Quartett's Live '82. The Bergisch-Brandenburgisches Quartett (BBQ) was formed in 1980 in Rostock, East Germany, when three of the most radical and riotous members of the West German free music scene -- reedist/accordionist Rüdiger Carl, percussionist Sven-Åke Johansson, and Hans Reichel on violin and his modified "strange guitars" -- first played as a quartet …
LP | €24.90
Felicita (LP)
“Whether it is traditional or contemporary, we need to be authentic,” says Gözen Atila who performs as Anadol. “I don't claim that I am authentic, but this is what I want to achieve.” A sense of authentic exploration, introspection and celebration coats every inch of Anadol’s latest album. After 2019’s Uzun Havalar, the Turkish artist returns with an album that continues to explore a variety of deeply embedded musical traditions while also hurtling into new terrain. The music and influences - a…
LP | €23.90