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New Arrivals

Mlifb (USB pen drive)
Experimental movies by Maurizio Bianchi ! MB films illuminate the fascination with space-time abstraction and visualised rhythm that unifies the practice of his…
USB | €22.00
Ultimum (2CD Box)
*Edition of 10 (!) * Ultimumelectronics, ultimumwaves, ultimumdrones, ultimumpictures. Recorded at Emoptyc studio, during the beginning of the year A. S. (Anno …
CD | €38.00
Dust of Human Race
Raffaele Pezzella's Sonologyst made it to these pages a couple of times (Vital Weekly 1225, 1194, 1134 for instance) and here is a new one, with a quote from Ov…
CD | €14.00
Faculty Canon
** Edition of 75 with with insert. Translucent Voices Piled Into Strata--accordion Folded On Polyester Film ** Faculty Canon is artist Tim Simonds' first audio …
CD | €18.00
** 2021 Stock ** The drum duo "Dada Rhythm" was formed in 2008 by Uzamashi Okamoto and Kasei Yamada, and since 2018 they have changed their name to "Dinarzum", …
CD | €21.90
** Packed on a killer looking CD edition designed by Entr’acte boss Allon Kaye ** Fresh in the post from Russia, via Stellage – this hallucinatory amalgamation …
CD | €15.00
Solemn (Tape)
** Limited edition tape of 50 copies ** El Fugue is the project of A.V.Serzhen, a classically trained Russian multi-instrumentalist who turned his focus to the …
Tape | €8.00
July (Tape)
** Edition of 200 copies,  risograph sleeve, white and marbled blue cassette. ** Dauw presents July by R Beny. Novation Summit and Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus imp…
Tape | €13.90
Great Prairie Plains: Studies of American Minimalism (Tape)
** Edition of 150 copies on risograph sleeves ** Dauw presents Great Prairie Plains: Studies of American Minimalism by Dylan Henner. The album starts with an ar…
Tape | €10.00
Atmosfera (Tape)
** Edition of 120 Realtime Dubbed Cassettes on Chrome Tape ** Love All Day presents ‘Atmosfera’ a new album of electronic compositions from acclaimed artist & c…
Tape | €10.00
Seashells (Lp)
* Limited edition of 250. In process of stocking * Their first album in over six years, "Seashells" is the 10th full-length record by Blanche Blanche Blanche (Z…
LP | €18.00
Theodor Adorno: Piano Works (Lp)
* Limited edition of 250. In process of stocking *  Cop Tears recorded selections from Theodor Adorno's piano works in an apartment in New York during the winte…
LP | €18.00
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Blizzard Amplification (2CD)
* Originally released as a private edition 6 cassettes box, instantly sold out * Sewer Election at their finest. Double-CD reissue of the six-tape-box. Improvis…
2CD | €16.00
Obitvs (tape)
* Presented in A5 sleeve, real time 1:1 dubbed cassettes * Heavy psychedelic noise duo from Finland. Decrepit and broken down feedback trails into restrained ec…
tape | €9.00
Involuntary Response (Tragic Outcomes) - tape
* Presented in A5 sleeve, real time 1:1 dubbed cassettes * Label mainstays Moss Harvest + Death Kneel document traces and relics of trauma. Post-catastrophic be…
tape | €9.00
Tokedashita Garasubako (Lp)
Hereby a classic Japanese acid folk tale, also credited by the wizard master Julian Cope in his ‘Japrocksampler’ top 50 list. Tokedashita Garasu Bako, or Meltin…
LP | €17.90

Best Sellers

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Sylvie and Babs (LP Picture)
* Super limited picture disc LP, with new Babs Santini artwork. Already sold-out at source * One pressing and that’s it, buy or die – you know the drill. Nurse …
LP picture disc | €26.90
Akagera (Lp)
Mined like gold from the vaults of the seminal French jazz imprint, JMS, comes the first ever vinyl reissue of Akagera, originally recorded and released in 198…
LP | €21.90
Green Wheels (2LP)
** Deluxe double vinyl LP version in gatefold sleeve. Limited edition to 299 copies ** Merzbow stands as the most important artist in noise music. The moniker o…
LP | €29.90
Creamcheese Duesseldorf 1968 (LP)
**Limited LP edition** The experimental project Pissoff was founded in the late 60s by multimedia-artist Eberhard Kranemann and some friends who studied togethe…
LP | €23.90

Upcoming Releases

CD | €12.50
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