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Lionel Marchetti

Lionel Marchetti is a musique concrète composer born in Marseille (France) in 1967. Self-taught at first, he later explored the musique concrète repertoire as acousmatic art withXavier Garcia. Live, he performs his concrète compositions on various sound spatialization systems. He also composed at CFMI — Université Lumière Lyon 2 (France) and at Groupe de recherches musicales (Ina-GRM) in Paris (France).
Lionel Marchetti also practices improvisation on stage on his own (experimental analogue devices with various microphones, feedback, radio waves, magnetic tape recorder, modified speakers, analogue synthesizers, etc.) and with musicians like Jérôme Noetinger (electronics, magnetic tape recorder), Xavier Garcia (electronics), Seijiro Murayama, Xavier Charles, Emmanuel Holterbach, and Yan Jun, as well as with Japanese musician and dancer Yôko Higashi.
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