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Okura 73°N - 42°E - excerpt 1
Okura 73°N - 42°E - excerpt 2
Okura 73°N - 42°E - excerpt 3

Yôko Higashi, Lionel Marchetti

Okura 73°N - 42°E

Label: Musica Genera

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Musica Genera presents another album from French musique concrète composer Lionel Marchetti (in 2005 MG had released the CD Docteur Kramer (You Are Not You) by Marchetti and Emmanuel Petit), this time realised together with his artistic partner Yôko Higashi, Japanese performer, dancer and vocalist. The album contains three compositions of musique concrète, one by Marchetti, one by Higashi and a collaborative work by both artists.

Each of the tracks is an elaborate sound construction of individual characteristics and unique sound aura. Pétrole 73 is the artistic fruit of Marchetti's stay at the "Stubnitz" trawler, the one of a kind ship rebuilt as a floating cultural centre. Analogue drones, radio voices and mechanical sounds of working hull create the atmosphere that contrasts with next composition. Okura was realised by Higashi basing on the sound material gathered in Mozambique. Field recordings of African nature and surprising electronic interventions interweave with fragments of ethnic music, leading the listener towards the final, collaborative track. Pétrole 42 captivates with its sonic depth and uncanny, ethereal aura created by delicate synthesiser passages, distant, unearthly voices, chants, breaths, punctuated with disturbing, aggressive concrète sounds.

Cat. number: G 005
Year: 2009