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Lionel Marchetti

Adèle et Hadrien. Les Livres de Vacances

Label: Optical Sound

Format: CDx2

Genre: Experimental

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Lionel Marchetti's 'Adèle et Hadrien' is a captivating document of a holiday of Adèle and Hadrien, two young children around 10 years old. The recordings view a glimpse into the world of Adèle and Hadrien, who go swimming, are startled by strange sounds, and ponder the existence of bugs. They argue with their parents and make jokes, and although Adèle and Hadrien speak French, understanding the French language is not a prerequisite for getting a glimpse into their world.

Marchetti practices his 'sonic ethnography' in a highly skilled and playful manner by taking part in the world of Adèle and Hadrien. In fact, Marchetti captures the journey of Adèle and Hadrien so eloquently that his recordings seem proof that the two children were highly accustomed to the presence of the composer. The microphone at times appears to be 'reduced' and merely floating in mid-air, patiently yet curiously registering the activities of the two children, thereby inviting the listener to join Adèle and Hadrien in their fascination of the world.

By intertwining recordings of Adèle and Hadrien with processed sounds, Marchetti crafts a beautiful journey, which further develops the sonic vocabulary he developed on earlier releases: deep and sometimes almost inaudible drones looming in the background, sudden turns and singularities that open up a new realm of possibilities, and a vast array of sounds that build an intriguing narrative. Two highly immersive discs that draw the listener into a complex and vibrant sonic environment. Highly recommended.
Cat. number: OS 033
Year: 2008
Limited edition of 300.
Released in a six panel digipak sleeve with an eight page booklet.

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