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Lionel Marchetti

A blue book


Format: CD digipack

Genre: Electronic

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Restocked, last copies “A Blue Book (WR 68) is a suite of seven pieces featuring the team-up of Lionel Marchetti and Olivier Capparos, with the the addition of Yôko Higashi on the final cut. Marchetti and Capparos impressed us in 2009 with their Equus (Grand Véhicule) on Pogus, and Marchetti has also created some fine collaborations with Higashi. Another wonderful set here, making use of Marchetti’s characteristic voice elements that are recorded and chosen with the judicious care of a micro-surgeon, then played back in layered, quiet-volume strategies that make them almost subliminal. The title track is a Capparos solo work, and he vouchsafes unto us that it’s “one of his memory books”; a gorgeous and dream-like world is spun for 19 minutes where reality and memories just seem to fold into one another in constantly-changing tableaux and vignettes. There’s also his restrained and melancholy String Quartet work entitled ‘Tenebrae’, and ‘A Short Story’ realised by all three artistes, another sad work of impossible surrealist beauty performed with synthesizers and voices, and making use of an early (1860) recording of a woman singing ‘Au Clair De La Lune’. What a fitting soundtrack this would make to Rabbit’s Moon by Kenneth Anger. Fantastic, essential release." The Sound Projector


Lionel Marchetti Olivier Capparos, Yôko Higashi a lue book



Cat. number: w 68
Year: 2011
Limited to 294 numbered copies

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