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Szc Zcz Cze Zec Eci Cin - excerpt 1
Szc Zcz Cze Zec Eci Cin - excerpt 2
Szc Zcz Cze Zec Eci Cin - excerpt 3

Ivar Grydeland, Thomas Lehn, Ingar Zach

Szc Zcz Cze Zec Eci Cin

Label: Musica Genera

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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"A trio comprised of Thomas Lehn (analogue synthesizer), Ivar Grydeland (guitar, guitar banjo) and Ingar Zach (percussion). All three come from the improvisation field and here you can find them in full form, treating their instruments with care and trust, bending and breaking the things at hand. The trio offers a very dynamic set of music, going from soft introspective parts to loud, vicious strokes. Their instruments sound usually unlike what they are supposed to sound, save, perhaps, for Lehn's, but then what does an analogue synthesizer sound like? Exactly. It sounds only like Lehn does. Peeping loud, moaning, grunting." - Frans de Waard

Thomas Lehn - analogue synthesizer
Ivar Grydeland - guitar, guitar banjo
Ingar Zach - percussion

Recorded at Teater Kana at the Musica Genera Festival in Szczecin/Poland on 28th of May 2005.
All music by Ivar Grydeland, Thomas Lehn and Ingar Zach.
Recording and mastering by Thomas Lehn.
Thanks to Robert Piotrowicz and Anna Zaradny for their work and support.

Cat. number: GA 001
Year: 2006