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The Clawed Stone - Excerpt 1
The Clawed Stone - Excerpt 2
The Clawed Stone - Excerpt 3
The Clawed Stone - Excerpt 4

Matthew Shipp, John Butcher, Thomas Lehn

The Clawed Stone

Label: Rogueart

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

Out of stock

Matthew Shipp (piano), John Butcher (saxophones) and Thomas Lehn (electronics) in a studio album recorded in France in 2017, a uniquely voiced collective trio of transformative improvisation, Lehn's additions and modifications blending perfectly with Shipp's solid foundations and Butcher's advanced technical expression, for an engrossing and expressive set of recordings.

"They manage to perfectly combine the many elements of the music while always keeping their individual identities intact."- Rogueart

Cat. number: ROG-0099
Year: 2020

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