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Matthew Shipp, Rob Brown, William Parker


Label: Rogueart

Format: CDx2

Genre: Jazz

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"The music takes on short, fleeting forms: fading here, held and moody there, as though the improvisation encouraged skepticism of firm certitudes. The tightness of the discourse, however, demands enlightening energy and lucid tautness." (Jean-François Abert, excerpt from the liner notes)

"We have already seen that in the history of the universe, such a spiral nucleus of sounds that subsides on itself and grows dense, that softens and dilates, that provides its exceptional energy of cohesion even when it’s deflagrating. Cosmic Spiritual Revolutionary Music. That, flamboyant imagination, and universal harmony, it’s all one." (Alexandre Pierrepontexcerpt from the liner notes)

Cat. number: ROG-0076
Year: 2017

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