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GOL, Mik Quantius, Dave Nuss


Label: Planam

Format: Vinyl LP

In stock


Alright then, Planam are pushing the boundaries of sanity again with this latest outbreak of lunacy by the French avant-garde quartet joined by freakishly talented vocalists Dave Nuss of NNCK and Mik Quantius from Köln. Gollaboration No.5, 'Bruxelles' was recorded at 2am by Yann Leguay and documents the sort of ritual strangeness that would get you locked up in less tolerant areas of the world. We're not quite sure who does what but Mik and Dave are definitely responsible for some of the most unnerving vocal sounds we've heard since the last Phil Minton album, while the band spill messy psych-o-rock guts and skull carving asylum blues.

Cat. number: n/a
Year: 2013