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The Futurians

Programmed (Lp)

Label: Planam

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock

Matt Middleton (Crude, The Aesthetics, Dirtlove): "The Futurians are a band that have soul. Their music, a pulsating, minimalist, primitivist, machinistic monster of a thing is at once fiction and fantasy, at once politics and hyper-reality. Theirs is an approach synthesizing elements of no-wave, new-wave, synth-rock, drone rock, doom rock, kraut-rock, Dunedin dirge, robot rock, riot grrllism, and calculator punk." Brad Rose: "Clayton Noone and his posse of Duckling Monster, ISO12, Rocko Mandroid, and Krauss have enough energy to light a small town for a year. Have enough energy to light a small town for a year." Full-color sleeve; Edition of 200.
Cat. number: PLANAM 044LP
Year: 2018

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