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Twig Harper

New Lost Knowns

Label: Planam

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock


**Edition of 200 housed in silk screened jackets** One of our favourite labels, Planam, pulls out a real time-and-space bender from James Twig Harper, who's perhaps best known for his collaborations with Nate Young in Nautical Almanac and alongside Daniel Higgs for Thrill Jockey. Theres some genuine weirdness within, some of the strangest we've heard since Planam first gave birth to Pat Murano's Decimus series, but with a distinctly unique fidelity and gyroscopic dynamic that makes for a deliciously disorienting experience all of its own conception. There's an animalistic or perhaps even plant-like bio-logic to its devolved, dubbed-out arcana, a grunting, scraping, grubbing ecological complexity of sounds that grows, twists and bifurcates at seemingly haphazard junctions to catalyse chain reactions of constant change and multiple layers of surreality. The 2nd side in particular enters passages which sound almost like a primitive take on Florian Hecker's plonging, rubbery computer music or Rashad Becker's perplexing notional folk music.

Cat. number: PLANAMLANAM
Year: 2013

Limited edition of 150 copies

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