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The Kermes Infestation (6 Lp Box)

Label: Planam

Format: 6 LP box

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

PLANAM proudly presents K-Salvatore “The Kermes Infestation” 6LP box masterpiece. This is the first ever available edition as the elusive self published triple tape on Sound@One was originally released in 1996 in an invisible edition of just 10 copies. Pre-dating the glorious “Four Impossible Puns” double LP on Siwa these recordings represent one of the most solid and estreme accomplishments in a parallel to No Neck Blues Band early era universe.
    K-Salvatore is the enigmatic entity created by No Neck Blues Band founding members Pat Murano (Decimus, Key Of Shame, Malkuth, Raajmahal, Kelippah Records) and Jason Meagher (Black Dirt Studio and Records).During the summer of 1995, K-Salvatore purchased 10 copies of an instructional audio cassette package on remainder at a local Barnes and Noble. The group then endeavored to replace the originally contained instruction with their own. Over the course of the remainder of that summer, Jason Meagher and Pat Murano met once a week to record six continuous improvisations. One for each side of the Package. Once completed the 10 copies were distributed amongst friends and family for study. Akin to a 5+ hour kidnapping ordeal that culminates, not with freedom restored, but instead disembowlment in a sad man's bathtub.  Available now on 6 LPs with individual silkscreened sleeves in a hand colored and silkscreened heavy box, in a numbered edition of 145 copies only.

Cat. number: k planam 6
Year: 2012

Silkscreened sleeves in a hand colored and silkscreened heavy box.

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