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Tsar Ova Elk

Label: Kelippah

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Jason Meagher (No Neck Blues Band, Black Dirt Studio) and Pat Murano (No Neck Blues Band, Decimus) have sporadically been releasing material as K-Salvatore since 1995. The sparse and disturbing electronics captured on this LP, their first since 2006, reflect the dark and cold of the winter's night on which they were created. Edition of 300 in jackets silk screened.
"Been a long time since we heard from K-Salvatore, an offshoot of The No-Neck Blues Band that features Pat Murano (Decimus/Key Of Shame et al) and Jason Meagher (Coach Fingers/Black Dirt Studios) so this fantastic new studio album, recorded at Black Dirt, is a welcome reminder of their alchemical prowess: released in a run of only 300 copies on Murano’s own Kelippah label, Tsar Ova Elk presents a confusing minimalist soundworld that touches on aspects of The New Blockaders and The Godz  - lots of creaking, scraping and moaning – while generating a heady keyboard/electronics/wah-wah basement jam vibe that trades Dead C-circa “Driver UFO”-style atmospherics for the kind of lost-in-space feel that would combine the free-floating esoterics of classic Taj Mahal Travellers with what sounds like a Haunted House sound F/X LP. Indeed, if Kosugi and co had been more attuned to the sound of twisted metal and droning electro-chorales and if they were more into jamming in abandoned factories and claustrophobic grain silos than beaches and mountaintops, this might be the kind of rusty free music soundtrack they would’ve scored for concrete monoliths and poor strong factories. Either way this is exemplary cultic Industrial drone that should appeal to fans of communal Japanese tonefloat (Taj Mahal Travellers/East Bionic Symphonia/Group Ongaku/Marginal Consort) as well as fans of Xpressway, Broken Flag, Ferial Confine et al. Highly recommended!" Volcanic Tongue

Cat. number: kel010LP
Year: 2012

Linited to 300 copies

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