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File under: Free Improvisation

George Lewis, Oxana Omelchuk

Breaking News - Studio Dan

Label: ezz-thetics

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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**In process of stocking** Founded in 2005, Studio Dan is a flexible ensemble, operating on the borders between diverse subgenres of contemporary music: improvisation, new music, jazz, art-rock, and others. The ensemble tours internationally. Appearances include concerts at Wien Modern and Ostava Music Days, and venuse such as Kampnagel Hamburg, Kimmel Center Philadelphia, and the legendary Roulette in Brooklyn/NYC. Past guest soloist and collaborations with Studio Dan include also Vinko Globokar, Elliott Sharp, Michel Doneda.

Both these works have profound things to say about how we experience, retain and communicate information. Vannevar Bush asserted that it was the privilege and duty of mankind not just to know, to accumulate information, but to understand it and make it play. Both of these wonderful works bring us closer to that, not in the sense of revealing their own processes, as Oxana Omelchuck says, but in grasping how things fit together, function together, and ultimately, how we live together. - Brion Morton

File under: Free Improvisation
Cat. number: ezz-thetics
Year: 2020

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