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Heldon is a French electronic rock band created in 1974. The name of the band was taken from the 1972 novel The Iron Dream by Norman Spinrad. Like its predecessor Schizo, it is above all the group of guitarist Richard Pinhas who released a large number of albums under his own name. He has worked with numerous collaborators among which musicians of the band Magma as well as philosophers such as Gilles Deleuze (of whom he was a student) and writers such as Norman Spinrad and Maurice Dantec (the Schizotrope project). Influenced by the work of Robert Fripp and Brian Eno, the music of Richard Pinhas and Heldon is sui generis and innovative and has in its turn greatly influenced the field of electronic rock.

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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Third (It's Always Rock 'N' Roll) (2Lp) HELDON Third (It's Always Rock 'N' Roll) (2Lp) Bureau B BB 282LP Electronic LPx2 24    
Agneta Nilsson (Heldon IV) (LP) HELDON Agneta Nilsson (Heldon IV) (LP) Bureau B BB 283LP Electronic LP 17.90    
Live In Metz '77 (Lp) HELDON Live In Metz '77 (Lp) Bam Balam BBLP 055LP Electronic LP 18.90    
Allez-Teia (Heldon II) (LP) HELDON Allez-Teia (Heldon II) (LP) Bureau B BB 281LP Electronic LP 17.90    
Stand By (Lp) HELDON Stand By (Lp) SOUFFLE CONTINU FFL 036LP Electronic LP 19.90    
Interface HELDON Interface CUNEIFORM Records Rune 43 Electronic CD 15.99    
Allez Teia HELDON Allez Teia CUNEIFORM Records RUNE 037CD Electronic CD 15.50    
Electronique Guerilla (Heldon I) (LP) HELDON Electronique Guerilla (Heldon I) (LP) Bureau B BB 280LP Electronic LP 17.90  
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Heldon . 6 . Interface (Lp) HELDON Heldon . 6 . Interface (Lp) SOUFFLE CONTINU FFL 035LP Electronic LP 19.90  
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Un Reve Sans Consequence Speciale (Lp) HELDON Un Reve Sans Consequence Speciale (Lp) SOUFFLE CONTINU FFL 034LP Electronic LP 19.90  
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1976-1979 (3Lp Box + 7 HELDON 1976-1979 (3Lp Box + 7") SOUFFLE CONTINU FFLBOX 001LP Electronic 3LP BOX/7" 75  
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Single Collection 1972-1980 HELDON Single Collection 1972-1980 Bam Balam BBRP 050 Electronic LPx2 27.90  
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Live in Paris 1976 HELDON Live in Paris 1976 SOUFFLE CONTINU FFL 008LP Electronic LP 18.90  
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Live in Paris 1975 HELDON Live in Paris 1975 SOUFFLE CONTINU FFL 007LP Electronic LP 18.90  
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Allez-Teia HELDON Allez-Teia SUPERIOR VIADUCT SV028 Experimental LP 21  
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