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Rough & Wojtyla featuring Richard Pinhas - excerpt 1
Rough & Wojtyla featuring Richard Pinhas - excerpt 2
File under: HeldonExperimental

Richard Pinhas, Rough & Wojtyla

Rough & Wojtyla featuring Richard Pinhas (LP)

Label: Bam Balam

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Rough & Wojtyla Featuring Richard Pinhas is Rough & Wojtyla's second album. Richard Pinhas, the founder of '70s legends Heldon is one of France's best known experimental musicians and is a key figure in the fusion of rock with electronic music. Guitar drones are supported by either tribal or jazzy sounding drums and collide with various key instruments and found sound. The influence of musique concrète which prevails on the duo's first LP, can also be felt as the sounds and moods shift abruptly. In perfect harmony, the three musicians don't take themselves seriously. They saturate their sonic world with long abstruse silences, before returning more furiously into the barely hidden chaos. The listener is constantly pushed around, always looking for something to hang on to without ever finding it.


"The first of this album’s two 18 minute tracks Down In the Basement creates an harmonic complement to its backdrop drones by dipping in and out of silence while looping and multiplying electronic flurries. Distant rattling whirls alternate with scattershot drum beats and subtly manipulated tonal shifts. Halfway through there's a prog-flavoured outbreak of drum toms and fluttering space rock synths. This is where Richard Pinhas, founder of the 1970s band Heldon, brings his mystic touch. The B side's Overground treads more softly, its electronic threads of sound higher and lighter, woven through driven jazz drums, staccato interference and vibrato effects, all in the first three minutes. By a third of the way through it's become an electronic symphony, before changing gear with a rapid-fire pulse and switching textures like road lanes with increasing intensity before crashing out. Very Ballardian." - The Wire

Cat. number: BBLP 057
Year: 2018

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