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The Koln ConZert Live 2008 - excerpt 1
The Koln ConZert Live 2008 - excerpt 2
File under: NoiseDrones

Richard Pinhas, Merzbow

The Koln ConZert Live 2008 (LP)

Label: Bam Balam

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

**In process of stocking** Recorded live at the Stadtgarten -2008. Composed and played by Merzbow and Richard Pinhas. In 2008, guitarist and rock electronics innovator Richard Pinhas performed in Koln a duo concert with notorious 'noise' artist Merzbow. Merzbow’s collaboration with French pioneer Richard Pinhas features some of his best music and gleefully amplifies the psychedelic tendencies of both composers.It is fascinating to hear these two imposing figures interact.

File under: NoiseDrones
Cat. number: BBLP 070
Year: 2020

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