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60 - excerpt 1
60 - excerpt 2
60 - excerpt 3
60 - excerpt 4

RG Rough

60 (LP)

Label: Bam Balam

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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RG Rough is a project by French musician Robert G. Rough who is also active as a member of Rough and Wojtyla and Rude Garden. 60 is a quite interesting musical jigsaw made out of sounds from the 60s, ripped to shreds, reshaped, reassembled and coerced into fitting. This long piece is divided in ten parts (...five on each side, numbered from 60 to 69) and will take you on a journey through a decade which may have existed long ago, in some strange parallel universe...

Cat. number: BBLP 065
Year: 2019