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Richard Pinhas

Rhizosphere/Live, Paris 1982

Label: Cuneiform

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Rhizosphere, originally released in 1976, was Pinhas' first solo album. It consists of four solo pieces for synthesizer, plus a extended fifth synthesizer piece which is a duet with Heldon drummer Francois Auguer. I have always found it to be a mesmerizing work, on par with its influences of Terry Riley and Philip Glass, but completely different from them due to the usage of only Moog and ARP synthesizers. For this CD release, an additional 38' was added of a previously unheard, professionally recorded 1982 concert by the Richard Pinhas Band, a short-lived ensemble who were Heldon II in all but name and who featured a great cast who had all previously played in Magma: Clement Bailly (drums), Patrick Gauthier (synthesizer), Bernard Paganotti (bass) and Richard on electronics, synthesizers and guitar. Unlike the trance/hypnotic style of Rhizosphere, this is a pretty mighty, ballsy blast of rock + electronics.

Cat. number: rune61
Year: 1994