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Label: Wah Wah Records

Format: Vinyl LPx2

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"After our acclaimed reissues of the first two LPs by French electronic rock pioneers Heldon, we are proud to offer a lavish vinyl version of their third album (also known as It's Always Rock 'n' Roll), where Pinhas and Co. follow the same paths he created with Electronique Guérila under the strong influence of works by Robert Fripp and Brian Eno, and of course the contemporanean Krautrock movement. For those of you following our line of releases there will be no need to say that composer, guitarist & electronics innovator Richard Pinhas is recognized as one of France's major experimental musicians and is a pivotal figure in the development of electronic rock. This third delivery of Heldon's works was first released on Disjuncta in 1975 as a double LP and features Richard Pinhas (ARP & VCS3 Synthesizers, guitars, bass, Mellotron) and George Grunblatt (Mellotron, guitars) plus contributions from some other greats of the genre like Patrick Gauthier (ARP synthesizers), Gilbert Artman (of Lard Free fame on drums), Jean My Truong (also on drums) and Ariel Kalma (Indian Harmonium)."

Cat. number: LPS083
Year: 2010
Genre: Electronic

500 copies. The double LP set came housed in a beautiful 7-ink gatefold sleeve that we will faithfully reproduce in full glory (that is, including the two extra gold & silver inks print). Four page insert with notes by Paco Peiró relating the story of Pinhas' early years is included.