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File under: Heldon



Label: Cuneiform

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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As with the preceding album Rêve Sans Conséquance Spéciale, if you come to grip[ with this wild experimental minimalistic music , you will find yourself riveted to your seat by the sheer power and violent intensity of the music developped by Richard Pinhas (the sole leader of this project). It really depends on how your mind (and mood) is set to understand what is developped here but Can is not far away and Fripp/Eno collaborations are also in the sonic neighborhood. Pinhas 's guitar is deeply indebted to Fripp but not cloningly so, just inspired by him.

This is the perfect album to offer at your Technohead nephew's birthday party, because this could be the start of new investigations and maybe the birth of a young proghead. In the meantime , Heldon was really groundbreaking back then and is probably often used as idea generatorship for young electro-popheads around the world. Stupendous stuff.

File under: Heldon
Cat. number: Rune 43
Year: 2009