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New Arrivals

The Recommended Sampler 1982 25th Anniversary Edition
RESTOCKED! By 1982, recommended was in its fourth year. the catalog had expanded and the label was firmly established. a sampler seemed an obvious and necessary next step. we asked the most interesting groups in our catalog to record something new. the result was two hours of music released as a double lp in a hand silk-screened sleeve that was a time capsule - a tidy slice taken across a fascinating forking of musical paths that captured a moment of growth that foresaw a variety of possible fut…
CDx2 | €19.99
Récital Paris 1971
Beautiful solo work from Anthony Braxton -- recorded live in Paris at the start of the 70s, and a fair bit more sensitive than some of his earlier work on that scene! Side one features a beautiful take on Duke Ellington's "Come Sunday" -- one that runs for 25 minutes, and which features Braxton blowing straight, and almost with some of those Lee Konitz-inspired modes he was using around the time. The tune's still got some of the darkness you might expect from Braxton -- but things really go out …
CD | €13.45
'+1, Interval Recordings' second release by Los Angeles-based electroacoustic duo Mem1 (Mark + Laura Cetilia), introduces listeners to a series of collaborations between the duo and nine guest artists: Jan Jelinek, Ido Govrin, Area C, RS-232, Frank Bretschneider, Kadet Kuhne, Jen Boyd, Jeremy Drake, and Steve Roden. Whether the collaborations took place in an old cabin by the lake, on a hot and hazy day in a painter's studio, or floating through the infinite void of virtual space, the resulting …
CD | €13.99
a mindblowing archival double cd centered around Laurie Scott Baker, who has been involved in experimental music since he was a teenager. A pioneer of live electronics and graphic scores back in the 60s, a member of the Scratch Orchestra & Peoples Liberation Music with Cornelius Cardew, played many first performances of new music.Gracility comes out of the development of free improvisation & groups such as Scratch Orchestra etc. & the general questioning of the music establishment. Text and grap…
CDx2 digipack | €18.99
Circle Snare
His given electronic anatomy of drum machine, microphones, tapes, & MSP folded out of their hard accustomed formations, breaking out into a more cogent & vital arsenal. A finely detailed & dimensional evolution of an already unique voice.
CD | €14.99
Songs For Edna
Member of BAT FOR LASHES. The tracks on "Songs for Edna" are actual poems by the late American poet, Edna St. Vincent-Millay. This is majestic & minimal folk in the tradition of Fairport Convention, Karen Dalton & Vashti Bunyan.
Vinyl LP | €15.00
Space Programs
When the shoe drops on the first bars of the USA is the Monster's new full length, it becomes clear some changes have occured since the last record, Sunset at the End of the Industrial Age. Buttery synth and elaborate vocal harmonies combine to levitate hairpieces at least a wee bit. This is the perfect synthesis of the pastoral wanderings circa thier second full length record, Wohaw, and the punk spunk junk of their first and third full lengths. The band is still a New York two-piece tribe of N…
Vinyl LP | €13.99
Tracce, percorsi e geografie del nuovo rumore USA: All’alba dei 2000, l’universo delle musiche indipendenti americane è stato invaso da un’inattesa, temibile generazione di estremisti sonici. Nomi come Black Dice, Wolf Eyes, Lightning Bolt, sono solo la punta dell’iceberg di un movimento ramificato all’inverosimile, tra discografie in cdr, festival, fumetti, performance, concerti negli scantinati e inattese canonizzazioni mainstream. In queste pagine si raccontano le storie, i protagonisti, i lu…
BOOK | €13.00
Scultori di suono
"Scultori di suono: percorsi nella sperimentazione musicale contemporanea" raccoglie una serie di percorsi attraverso i grandi cambiamenti avvenuti nella sperimentazione non ortodossa e nel modo di fare e di pensare il suono negli anni Novanta: la glitch music e la rivoluzione ‘riduzionista’, i primi segnali di ‘dissenso’, il ritorno della melodia, il rapporto tra suono e spazio, le poetiche della frammentazione, della decadenza, della memoria."Scultori di suono" comprises a number of paths thro…
BOOK | €13.00
Fire Escape
EXCLUSIVE! Produced by FOUR TET. The relationship between Four Tet & SHOTM began in August 2003 when Kieran Hebden, read the cover story of The Wire, which touted SHOTM as leaders of the "New Weird America." That story sent Hebden on a search for Sunburned records & he's been a fan ever since. In 2004, Hebden asked Sunburned to tour with them. A couple of years later in March 2006, Hebden asked the band if they would like him to record them with the idea that he would take the recordings & const…
Vinyl LPx2 | €19.99
Live At Slug\'s Saloon 1972
6CD set. Sun Ra & the Arkestra played every Monday night at Slug's Saloon in the Lower East Side of NYC for over 5 years, from 1966-1972. This is the 1st released documentation of this long residency, comprising 2 complete shows (6 hours total) recorded over the summer of 1972. High quality recordings that capture the Arkestra emerging from their psychedelic phase & moving back towards their jazz roots.
CDx6 | €43.99
The Black Dirt Sessions
Displays fully honed examples of all of Rose's various styles & themes - traditional, raga & ragtime. "Cross The North Fork" - a 13-minute revisiting of a track 1st laid down on the great "Kensington Blues" is a winding, thoroughly engrossing journey. It is a welcome neighbor to the album's other spendid joys ranging from the jaunty & infectious "Fishtown Flower" to the pensive & appropriate melancholy punch of "Box Of Pine." Limited to 2000 copies on 180g RTI vinyl.
Vinyl LP | €22.99
White Bird Release
Vinyl! The sixth album from Mark Nelson's longtime solo project following Quiet City. A mix of warmth & foreboding expansiveness, neither of which is minimal nor overdone.
Vinyl LP | €13.99
Second Original Silence
Thurston Moore, Jim O'Rourke and Mats Gustafsson last convened for the monumentally noisy Diskaholics Anonymous LP, Weapons of Ass Destruction. Now the trio have returned to Smalltown Superjazz for yet more sonic carnage, this time joined by ace drummer Paal Nilssen-Love, guitarist Terrie Ex and bassist Massimo Pupillo. There's a tremendous breadth to the kind of ground covered by these musicians. At no point do you feel as if the ensemble is running out of ideas or stagnating on one particular …
Vinyl LPx2 | €18.99
CURRENT AMNESIA's side features David Sutton (CAR COMMERCIALS) in a journey of hypnodrones galore. He bends & twists aural shards into glasslike works of art. The NORTH SEA side is shimmering like a sunken stone, drowning in a torrent of silver piss. Voices & chimes are blown apart in an epic battle to be king of nothing at all. Underwritten w/ a wall of synth dreams & other churns. LIMITED TO 80, pro-dubbed w/ the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
TAPE | €10.99
Rastakraut Pasta
1st release from the duo of Dieter Moebius & Conny Plank, originally released on Sky Records in 1980. As the title suggests, this album is heavily influenced by dug & reggae & those rhythms are incorporated into the ambient space-rock one would expect from these German pioneers of Kosmische musik.
CD | €15.99
Oh Me Oh My... The Way The Day Goes By The Sun Is Setting Dogs A
To say Devendra Banhart is unique is an absurd understatement. When I first heard the voice of this completely unknown, precociously talented 21-year-old songwriter, I could not believe it. His occasionally warbling falsetto is alternately bizarre, comical, and often a little frightening. Coupled with his advanced finger-picking guitar style - which itself often veers schizophrenically from gentle grooves into jolting, non-rhythmic stabs and weird harmonic flights of chaos -- and the wildly surr…
Vinyl LP | €16.99
beauty school
during my last visit to the states, about 2 years ago, one of the highlights was definatly a night long visit to SCOTT FOUST's house! john shaw took us there and explained from before what it was gonne be like, we would be seated down in a confortable couch while "the last great man" would stand up next to a pedastal with some quality whiskey, dope and cigarettes on it, sporting a mono coloured suit and sunglasses (day and night) while foust is telling stories about different art records, and ma…
Vinyl LP | €16.99
ladybird labyrinth
orphan fairytale is the solo monniker of eva van deuren, member of the lady folk troupe MASKESMACHINE, who started blowing my mind 12 years ago as a street performance troupe in antwerp. besides my own ladyfriend, i don't think i know anyone better than eva, and her boyfriend (audiobot madman) carlo steegen. for some reason this makes it even more difficult to write a decent description for this record, we live in the same mansion, and i could write a lot of stories about doing the dishes togeth…
Vinyl LP | €16.99
La Bamba
Over 15 years ago Daniël de Wereldvermaarde Botanicus (hat and cacti collector Cassis Cornuta) deejayed a ton of horrible la bamba versions for 2 hours in the now defunct situationist radioshow RTVS (Radio Centraal-Antwerp). The 'galdezen' of RTVS yelled-sung along, creating their own versions of la bamba while getting more and more hammered or naturally gone from a bamba trance! After telling me this short story Daniël mumbled 'I always wanted to dj all night long la bamba, I think it will driv…
Vinyl LP | €16.99