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New Arrivals

Sandy Bull's 1965 LP Inventions remains one of those legendary albums that almost no one has heard. Its impact, however, can be scene in the title of this new compilation spotlighting a great unsung hero of "psychedelic folk." "Blend," the 22-minute opus from 1963 that opens this disc, surely fits that designation, perfectly blending folk, jazz, and Indian influences into what Bull called "new guitar raga." An eclectic virtuoso who switched from acoustic guitar to banjo to Stratocaster to oud (m…
Time Building
I started making music in earnest in 1994 with a Casio keyboard and a four-track cassette recorder. Since 1996 I have been using a Korg MS10 analogue synthesiser and some effects pedals which I have added over time Ñ delays, phasers, a ring modulator and a pattern generator. Occasionally I use acoustic sounds as well. On this LP, I made extensive use of a pattern generator (a Moog Murf) in combination with other effects. Before recording anything, I spend time designing and shaping the sounds I'…
Takahiro Kawaguchi: tuning fork. Shinjiro Yamaguchi: guitar. Composed by Takahiro Kawaguchi. Edited by Shinjiro Yamaguchi. Recorded by Takahiro Kawaguchi at 102 Studio, Tokyo, November 9, 2008. Mastered by Taku Unami. Takahiro Kawaguchi began making field recordings and performing improvised music in 2000, and in recent years has attracted a great deal of attention as a sound artist. In January 2009 he released, on Taku Unami's label Hibari Music, the solo album, on which he uses several remodel…
A re-mastering and repackaging of two previously released LP’s (2001 & 2003), this CD is a collection of 5 quite different pieces. All are mixed-moving-surrounding sounds and natural and manipulated noise - some can be considered as drone though they aren’t at all. No name for Rozenhall’s style. Very intense. As the CD liner notes say, “Play loud!”. Trk 1: “A Plumage…” - Early 60’s satellite type mixed sounds going round and round the Earth, then they come at you. Grabs your ears with claws. Sho…
Wedding ceremony
In May 2007 the sextet of Lucio Capece, Julia Eckhardt, Christian Kesten, Radu Malfatti, Toshimaru Nakamura and Taku Sugimoto convened in Belgium to work together and play two concerts, one in Gent and one in Brussels. During their time together the group played a mixture of improvisation and their own compositions. A number of exciting tensions were present. The contrast between loud and quiet, activity and inactivity and indeed improvisation and composition. Wedding Ceremony ties together many…
New Bodies
Peter Kolovos is a free sound artist from Los Angeles, CA. Over the last decade he has developed an intensely personal sound vocabulary based on raw texture, volume, and duration. The result has been physical, abstract work that constantly shifts and evolves in real time. The mechanisms of impulse, memory, intent, restraint laid bear. Mastering: Rashad Becker. Full Color Heavy Tip-On Cover-180 Gram Vinyl. Edition of 500 copies.
The Very Heart Of The World
LP version. Edition of 500 copies. On The Very Heart of the World, Burning Star Core (BXC) has created an incredibly heavy record, built on dense, layered drones, pulses, splintered vocals, and deep rhythms that euphorically build to total overload. With a line-up including the Hair Police front line and other luminaries from across the exploding Midwestern psych-noise-folk underground, BXC's C. Spencer Yeh has assembled a group that seamlessly shifts through epic movements and pushes pure elect…
Mort aux vaches
Pete Swanson (electronics, vocals) and Gabriel Mindel Saloman (electric guitar, electronics). Produced and recorded for Dwars by Berry Kamer, Amsterdam, May 17th 2007. Packaged in a 3-panel cardboard relief sleeve. Artwork & concept by Staalplaat. Limited edition of 500 copies.
Mort aux vaches
Packaged in a three-panel lenticular sleeve. Artwork & concept by Staalplaat. Limited edition of 500 copies.
Upon setting out to score the music for the play Englaborn by Havar Sigurjonsson, Johann Johannsson, co-founder of the Icelandic arts organisation Kitchen Motors, came upon a text by the Latin poet Catullus which roughly translates as, I hate and I love. Why do I do it, you might ask? I dont know, but I feel it happening to me, and it's tearing me apart. This poem concisely bridges the emotional opposites which clashed within the play itself. As the play's content was extremely violent and distu…
El obsceno pajaro de la noche
brand new release by the A Spirale collective from Naples: Aspec(t) is ASp/SEC_. ASp/SEC_ is A Spiral and SEC_, both from Naples (Italy). They are free-core, noise, electronics. They are free elecroacoustic improvisation.You are in a small tunnel no light uppon your head, no moon on your left. You walk, you scream, you try to run but you can't. There is no escape. After a while, you stop and you listen. There is El obsceno pajaro de la noche in your ears.
The Last Recording
Final solo alto sax blasting from the late legendary Japanese underground hero Kaoru Abe. Abe was an inspiration to free/jazz and Japanese noise lovers world-wide, lived a fast and hard life and ripped his guts inside out on each and every of his many releases. Extreme music for those who need it.
Partitions de réactions
A complete overview of Peter Vogel's work, with numerous illustrations, texts, and an audio CD with musical installations recordings. Peter Vogel is a pioneer in the field of interactive electronic and musical sculpture. he was formally trained in physics, and has explored technology's intersection with dance, musical composition, and visual art since the late 1960s. + one cd with different installations.
Untitled (angle. 1)
'Untitled (angle.1) is a stereo composition based on the eight-channel installation Untitled.First exhibited February 11 Ð March 13, 2009 at the Art Gallery of the University of Maryland (USA), Untitled is the unique first collaborative project between visual artist Linn Meyers and sound artist Richard Chartier, in an installation where optical and sonic patterns intersect. With an architectural transformation of the space, two fifteen foot long by eight foot high walls meet in an enfolding chev…
Flächen Mit Figuren
Beautifully minimal new work by Asmus Tietchens using layers and stretch out sound fields as a compositional basis and placing miniatures inside them. 54 minutes, 8 tracks, handnumbered edition in nice paper sleeve 300 copies.
In this work I am approaching the analogue synthesizer Yamaha CS-40M. I built up the research in a journalistic kind of way. At first I made a plan of procedures, gave myself a problem formulation. In my first step I was looking for sounds that represent the „soul“ of this instrument. The next step was abstracting these sounds without losing the specific character of the instrument. An unconventional click sound was the result. This sound was then fed with additional information, fie…
Suppression In The Third
Jason Crumer likes what you like: noise, girls, getting wasted once in while and maybe a spot of trouble here and there. He first started blowing minds as guitarist in the insane sludge punk core outfits Aluminum Noise and Facedowninshit. As well as the ultra-weirdo outfits American Band, Now In Darkness World Stops Turning and Amazing Grace. Since going solo in 2005 he's released fascinating and brainmelting USA noise death on labels like Iatrogenesis, Audiobot, Ignivomous, RRR, Nazot, Chondrit…
Torment Of The Metals
Limited edition of 500 copies pressed on virgin vinyl. Guitar out-crunch hailing from the Bardo Axis. Alasehir is grounded stoner heavy-zen and the second in our four part Bardo Pond related vinyl set. Alasehir's 4th release, following a CD apiece for the Important, aRCHIVE and Siltbreeze labels, Torment of The Metals "continues their sonic exploration of dense, languorous, free expansion. Billowing and exploding like a cluster of hashish stars, they produce a cosmic energy akin to a quasar in t…
Psychic Psummer
"Hello, I’m Trip Maker and I want to tell you about CAVE. CAVE formed in Columbia, Missouri sometime around 2004. Early outings were decidedly free form and jammy. Many people passed in and out of the bands ranks from show to show. It wasn’t the same band twice for a little while. Eventually, songs were written and a shared vision became clearer, resulting in the HUNT LIKE DEVIL EP. I played my first show with CAVE at Apop Records (when they were still in Columbia) on a bill with Rotten Milk vs…
The Freak Of Araby
Strictly limited edition on vinyl: Listen through Sir Richard Bishop’s six readily available solo albums, and you get the picture that the worldview of the former Sun City Girls’ guitarist is not only complex, but also more than a little ambiguous. What exactly is Richard Bishop? A dealer in the exotic? A dabbler in esoteric mysticism? A “traveling salesman”? The Freak of Araby doesn’t make Bishop’s worldview any simpler for us, but it does clarify it some. He is, first and foremost, a traveler,…