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Alan Licht's minimal top ten

Alan Licht's revelatory lists of rare and obscure minimalism as published in Halana Magazine issues one (March 1996) and three (Winter 1998), Volcanic Tongue (June 10, 2007) and Tumblr (June 16, 2020).

"I do not necessarily consider any of this to be "music and sound of a profound nature," nor do I find it "uplifting" or "theraputic."  I like minimalism because it rocks."

Berlino / Rallentando (LP)
LP | €55.00
Motore Immobile (Lp)
LP | €22.90
Linkage (LP)
LP | €26.90
Graduation (2Lp)
LPx2 | €24.90
CD | €16.50
Vinyl LP | €14.50